“Changing Lives” is a 100% scholarship program by the American English Tree Institute (AET) that is provided to children with limited economic resources and therefore it is difficult for them to study an English language course in a permanent program.

The present project aims to minimize the negative impact that occurs in terms of school dropouts due to lack of economic resources, in addition to the fact that this social phenomenon has a negative and continuous impact on our community. Why? Because if we are not preparing the new generations with efficient, decisive and timely tools to face a competitive and difficult future, it is logical to think that they would be headed for a possible resounding and arduous failure. For this reason, we grant 100% scholarships so that children and adolescents can learn the English language at AET in a permanent program. Likewise, we invite our Vallarta community and North American neighbors to join this noble cause with their donations and sponsorships to continue active as a socially responsible institute not only with the Vallarta area, but also in Bahía de Banderas.

American English Tree was able to award 450+ individual scholarships and support 13 non-profit organizations such as the Women’s Justice Center, Puerto Vallarta Grandparents, Club Vallarta, RISE, among others; as well as children and adults with limited resources who are not part of any public or private institution.

Help us to help CHANGING LIVES with the English language!

Scholarship children

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