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I am 2 weeks in to learning Spanish at the American English Tree, and so far, I am very impressed. The facility is extremely clean, very organized and the staff are welcoming and kind. The course is structured and geared to individual levels. Our teachers, Edison and Ramiro, are enthusiastic, patient and well schooled in teaching. I have had other Spanish education and I believe I have found the right school. In just 2 weeks, I am speaking more confidently and learning new words everyday.
Howard Z. Skolnik
This school rocks! Eddie is patient and makes things clear and is really an amazing teacher. We're zooming through things but it's not daunting, it's fun AND it helps local kids learn english too!!! Highly recommended!
Zoë Lewis
This is a WIN/WIN concept - Adults take Spanish lessons, and the modest fee they pay includes books and materials and sponsors a young Méxican child to learn English. This concept gives Méxican children a greater possibility of having a better life with English as a second language. The founder/teacher is known as Eddie Eddie, and he has beginning Spanish students speaking within a few lessons, and the same for the children -- they are speaking English too. Then once per month, they all get together - adults speaking Spanish to the kids, and the kids speak English to the adults...the parents of the kids bring scrumptious food, many adult students donate books for the library, toys for the kids to "earn" based upon attendance, studies, interaction, and more... there is no way to lose... plus it is so much fun and heartwarming.
Dennis Crow
Amazing instructors, quickly learn a new language, either English or Spanish!
Karen Hiebert

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