American English Tree Multicultural Events!

American English Tree Multicultural Events!

Cultural immersion as a tool for learning!

According to the European University, the term cultural immersion refers to the integration of a person into a culture different from their own. It is an effective method to learn, understand, and experience different traditions, customs, values, and ways of life. It is frequently used to achieve linguistic proficiency in another language.

Cultural immersion involves learning deeply about a foreign culture and participating in the daily life of that community. It is an enriching and transformative experience. Understanding other cultures not only promotes respect and tolerance towards diversity but also enhances language skills, resilience, and adaptability to multicultural environments.

Cultural immersion enriches the knowledge of a language and facilitates its learning by allowing the context in which the language develops to be assimilated. It helps to understand its subtleties in different social and cultural contexts and develops empathy and sensitivity towards the culture of the language. Additionally, it is the best way to master idiomatic expressions and idioms that reflect the richness of the language.

The English and Spanish schools, American English Tree and Spanish Learning Tree, organize multicultural themed events to promote cultural immersion among Spanish and English students. Additionally, these events help raise funds for programs such as “Changing Lives” and “The Love Boat.” Through these events, Spanish students can practice the language, contribute to society through donations, and learn in a real and meaningful environment.

The English and Spanish schools, American English Tree and Spanish Learning Tree, warmly greet you and invite you to participate in our multicultural recreational events year after year. These events serve several important objectives.

1. Support for the “Changing Lives PV” Scholarship Program

The primary goal of our events is to support the “Changing Lives PV” scholarship program. Thanks to the funds raised at each event, American English Tree can continue to provide this valuable program. “Changing Lives PV” is a scholarship initiative that allows individuals with financial constraints to study English for free through a permanent program. Over the years, American English Tree has awarded over 450 individual scholarships and supported 13 non-profit organizations, including the Women’s Justice Center, Puerto Vallarta Grandparents, Club Vallarta, and RISE, among others.

2. Enjoy and Connect at Our Events

Another key objective of our events is to foster a sense of community and fun. These gatherings offer a fantastic opportunity to meet new people, enjoy dancing, and savor delicious food and drinks. Supporting our scholarship program is as rewarding as it is enjoyable. You get to help others while having a great time!

3. Cultural Exchange and Mutual Learning

Throughout the year, American English Tree also hosts events where students from Spanish Learning Tree, who are learning Spanish, interact with advanced English students. This cultural exchange enriches mutual learning and allows participants to practice their language skills in a dynamic and engaging environment. Additionally, these events feature traditional local foods, giving participants a taste of the local cuisine and an insight into Mexican traditions and culture, depending on the theme of each event.

Check Our Activities Calendar

Your participation and support make a significant difference in the lives of many. Thanks to our joint effort we contribute to change the lives of children, youth and women of Puerto Vallarta and Bahia de Banderas.

You will find by clicking on the “Activities Calendar” section all our events that we will have throughout the year.

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