Help children improve their school in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

Help children improve their school in Mexico

We continue to change lives for children in need by providing 100% English language scholarships for them to study.

In this occasion, the total support is for the rural school that is located in the Aguacate neighborhood in front of Desembocada, Jalisco. The objective is to attend this Friday, June 24 at 12:30 pm, help with cleaning activities, paint the classrooms, in addition to participating in dynamic conversation circles with English learners.

About this noble cause in Aguacate!

We recently started a project with the help of a great human being and friend of ours called “Luke Norris. The goal of this project is to teach in a small school in a neighborhood called “Avocado” where we send our teachers once a week with all the material that children need to get started. Unfortunately, our American English Tree Institute does not have enough resources for more children to be able to take their classes in this new Aguacate community.

Initially 65 children signed up to learn English. After a month, interest has skyrocketed to 105 kids and there just aren’t enough classrooms, chairs, desks, books, pens, whiteboards, etc. available given the lack of government investment in these areas. Many of Mexico’s most remote communities and schools don’t receive government funding, or unfortunately the funding doesn’t end up where it should.

Why is it important to learn English for these children?

First of all, any additional education these children receive will benefit them mentally; keep them off the street or away from work; and give them a safe and stimulating place to go most days. Second, being bilingual in a resort town like Puerto Vallarta will provide them with many additional opportunities in terms of earning potential later on through work, travel, or further education. Finally, it’s not just about learning English: with the following investments, these children will have a comfortable, healthy and safe school environment to learn what they want!

What do they need financing for?

1.Teachers: 3 to 4 teachers who travel once a week to the community of Aguacate, including travel expenses. Costs are roughly associated with an average of US$1 per child, per day, totaling $5,200 per year.

2.Learning equipment: At American English Tree, we ensure that we have all the necessary equipment to provide a complete and effective learning experience. Our learning equipment includes:

  • Blackboards: Used for interactive teaching, blackboards allow teachers to illustrate concepts and examples in real time, facilitating a visual and dynamic understanding of the topics.
  • Pens and Pencils: Essential elements for taking notes, completing exercises, and participating in written activities. They encourage the practice of writing and correct spelling in English.
  • Activity Books: Specifically designed to complement the Military Method, these books contain practical exercises, educational games, and fun activities that reinforce learning in an enjoyable and structured way.
  • Tables and Chairs: Provide a comfortable and organized environment for students to focus on their lessons. Proper furniture is essential for maintaining good posture and facilitating classroom interaction.

3.School Buildings: Paint, window/door security bars, restroom repairs (fixed water/sewer plumbing, replacement sinks), installed electrical wiring, ceiling fans, lighting, shelving, shelving.

4.Externally around the school: Fences, security gate, soccer goal posts, cleanup trash, installation of dumpsters.

While we don’t have exact estimates for the above, budgeting an extra $5-10k on top of teachers will help with contractors, fabrication, purchasing, and materials. Items for safety and learning will be prioritized.

I encourage you to share the fundraising link with friends, family, and colleagues if possible. Even if you know of an organization that would love the opportunity to help, let them know, now is the time.

Any donation, small or large, will go a long way in making a difference in the lives of these children.

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Help children improve their school in Mexico

Help children improve their school in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Initially 65 children enrolled to learn english. After one month, interest has skyrocketed up to 105 children and there simply aren’t enough rooms, chairs, desks, books, pens, whiteboards etc. available given the lack of government investment in these areas. A lot of the more remote communities and schools in Mexico don’t receive government funding, or unfortuantely the funding doesn’t end up where it should.

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